Melbourne will always be Australia’s style and food capital. From the “Paris end” of Collins Street to the labyrinth of laneways, style is inherent in the city’s design and psyche.

Our retail stores, cafes, restaurants and array of bars sum-up the rich diverse culture and passion for design and quality. The bar is set high, and our Melbourne design team are focused on creating a seamless interior design experience across residential home design, hospitality design, hotels, to commercial spaces responding to the diverse needs of our clients.

Each pocket of Melbourne has its own vibe that ourMelbourne studio intimately understands. It’s really hard to pinpoint a definitive Melbourne aesthetic but we can safely say that our Melbourne designers have you covered regardless of style.

The Stylesmiths™ Melbourne are a leading interior design studio creating intelligent, beautifully designed spaces using local and international suppliers and artisans to create bespoke spaces for all our clients.

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