Why should I book a Stylesmith?

You are ready to change the way you live. Perhaps you are too busy to design the space you want. You know what you like, but you don’t know where to find it. Or you don’t think interior design is your forte. The Stylesmiths are a fully comprehensive interior design service, managing projects across Australia of all sizes and budgets. From sourcing and arranging soft furnishings to a full renovation across residences, offices, cafes, restaurants or retail, we have the talent that can do it all!

Your project is personally overseen by our Design Managers. We are here should you need to talk. 1300 116 955.

How are the Stylesmiths different from traditional design studios?

Where do we begin? The Stylesmiths are changing the interior design game for good. Hiring a designer by the hour allows you to do anything from re-imagining your home or workplace one room at a time or a full renovation. Whether your project is huge or small, we’ve got you covered. (Minimum 10 hours) 

How are The Stylesmiths budget friendly?

We have turned interior design and decoration on its head by offering some of Australis’s finest design talent by selling design time by the hour. With no high entry design fees, you can purchase as little or as much design time as you need. (Minimum 10 hour purchase)

Not only do we cut design fees and markups, we bring an entire library of vendor discounts (a.k.a Shopping List where you can save up to 45% off RRP) to take your dollar further. 

How do The Stylesmiths focus on designer-client partnerships?

The Stylesmiths isn’t about an aesthetic, we’re about an idea and a mission. If you take a look at our body of work, we’ve done spaces that range from complete minimal modernism to eclectic homes. Our brand is not our style – it doesn’t have to be – so you can trust us when we say we try our best to create spaces that are a true reflection of who you are and how you live or work. Our designers are collaborative partners with you to deliver the best results.

What kind of spaces can the Stylesmiths design?

All sorts – we’ve redesigned apartments, houses, mansions, studio apartments, hair salons, retail stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, lobbies, boutique hotels and pop up stores. 

Can I use the Stylesmiths if I don’t live in one of your cities?

Yes! We have in-person designers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Noosa and Perth. However, Australia is massive!  So, we offer Video Design packages that are the same as our In-Person options but the design process happens via video, email, and phone calls.  Everything is possible in this digital age. 

How do I get started?

Click ‘Book Now’, start filling out our interactive booking form where we establish your style, needs and timeframe. Don’t be afraid to share, the more info you give us the better the match.

What do you use my information for?

Our design managers look at your project info you’ve shared – your style, what you want us to work on, your timeline, where your project is located, your availability – we work out which designer will suit you best.  If you’re unhappy with your designer, we will organise another designer for you free of charge! 

The information you share is also safeguarded by our privacy policy and will not be shared with any 3rd parties. 

Why can’t I choose my designer?

Good question. If you really love one of our designers, add it to your booking form and if they’re available, we’ll do our best to arrange a meeting.  We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know your designer, their style and skills so it is an enjoyable experience for both of you! Just give us the details, we do the rest – and send you a confident match. 

What kind of designers work for the Stylesmiths?

Over 100 hand-picked and fully vetted interior designers and stylists that hail from some of the best schools and firms around the country. Working with both established and burgeoning talent, our designer team collectively covers every style, budget range and project size. 

What about contractors?

Your designer is happy to recommend a contractor they have worked with previously.  However, all contractors are third party and are unaffiliated with The Stylesmiths™.  Our experienced designers can work with any contractor and help project manage their progress should you require.

How do I schedule my consultation?

When you make a booking, we ask you for your availability.  Your initial consultation will be made with your designer at a time that’s convenient for you.  Future meetings with your designer will be made at your preferred time – for example, if you’re only available nights and weekends or if you prefer meetings during business hours. 

How long will my project take?

Our designers work at a pace you’re comfortable with. If you have a tight deadline, by all means, let us know when you sign up! If you want to design at a leisurely pace, go for it. Your designer will suggest a design hour estimate after the initial consultation, so it’s up to you how fast you’d like to go. 

Our designers will work to maximize your hours, spending time on areas where their expertise is most valuable and making a space you love. 

How should I prepare?

Just fill in your project details when you sign up you can select images from our boards and you can upload images you like, links to your project or even upload photos and plans of your project. If you have any inspiration photos (or a Pinterest board), have them ready!

What’s the flat fee price for Stylesmiths designers?

After the initial $66.00 consult, The Stylesmiths designers vary on which level they are. 

$99ph for a emerging designer and $165ph for a established. No matter the level, trust us, they are all amazing! 

What is the difference between the design levels?

Emerging – Graduate to 4 years minimum industry experience. Great for joinery design, finishes selections, window furnishings, CAD drawings, lighting layouts, trade liaison.

Established – 5 years plus industry experience. They can resolve any design issue with ease and skill. Perfect for high level furnishings, joinery, kitchens and bathrooms, construction experience and project management.

How do I book hours?

After the initial consultation, your designer will send their recommendations for your space, an estimate for the design time they need to complete your project, and a link to purchase design time with them. You simply pay for your designer’s time. 

When you purchase any package of hours, you’ll have access to our Shopping List where you can save up to 45% of RRP via your designer. It’s our mission to pass on the best price to you by giving you access to our exclusive Trade accounts for a 10% procurement fee.

How do I book more hours?

Purchasing more hours is easy, you simply let your designer know and they will organise the additional hours.

How should I work with my designer?

You and your designer can decide how to work together so that it suits your schedule. That’s why we ask for your “general” availability when you sign up so we can make sure your designer’s schedule matches yours! How you prefer to communicate is up to you, too! Email, phone calls, texting… just let us know! 

I have a problem, I want a different designer!

We’re here to help. Call our team on 1300 116 955

Things are moving too slowly!

The design process includes many steps that often take longer than expected. Talk to your designer about creating or changing specific time frames. Setting a specific day/time to talk every week is an easy way to keep everyone on track! If you’re not convinced and frustrated at any point, simply give us a call 1300 116 955.  

I don’t like my Designer’s suggestions.

The best design results come from both of you sharing information. If you’re open to vintage, let them know! If there is a specific product or supplier you love, let them know.  Give your designer specific feedback of the selections you’ve received so far and be as honest as possible (for example, “I don’t like this because it’s green and I don’t like green”).  Ask questions too – for example, “what was your thinking behind your selection?”

If you just feel like you are not on the same page, reach out to HQ, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process. 

My Designer isn’t responding to my calls/emails/texts/cries for help.

Call us! 1300 116 955


What is the Shopping List?

The Shopping List is a game-changer for many of our clients. Now that we have hundreds of projects under our belt, we’ve partnered with many of Australia’s top furniture brands as well as smaller retailers to make shopping as easy as possible for our clients. 

The Shopping List helps us make the most of every budget and allows our designers to create spaces that look better for less. 

By using the Shopping List, you are partnered with our Concierge  – a dedicated ordering team to expedite and manage orders as efficiently as possible.  Designers can dedicate more time to what they do best… Designing.

How does the Shopping List work?

Once you’ve completed your initial consult and purchased design hours, you’re in! 

All Stylesmiths clients have access to our Shopping List Service where your designer can gather product inspiration, populate your list with the pieces you love for every room you’re designing, and check out with a single checkout. 

There’s no obligation to buy, yet with our convenient ordering service, you’ll want to. Our team will make sure you know where each of your products are and when they will arrive.

It’s our mission to pass on the best price to you by giving you access to our exclusive Trade accounts. Save up to 45% of RRP for a 10% procurement fee.

The Initial Consultation

How long is the initial consultation?

Typically one hour! 

What should I expect from the initial 1 hour consult? 

Our initial consultation is all about your designer getting to know you and your project, and likewise, you getting to know your designer’s aesthetic ideas and expertise. Your designer is a sounding board, so ask lots of questions! To make the most of your first hour together, keep these things in mind:

– Having a short list of design ideas ready is a great idea. Think about what you have, what you want, and what you need because these things aren’t always automatically apparent to your designer.

– Beyond design inspiration, it’s great to communicate your expectations for the project overall. Knowing your approximate budget, timeline and your priorities will help your designer move efficiently.

– If you’re totally clueless as to what will save your place, that’s okay! During this consultation, you and your designer will brainstorm some broad solutions, and you’ll hear his or her POV on your space. But keep in mind, while our designers are talented, they aren’t psychic! This session is for laying the groundwork for your design and your relationship with your designer.

Will my designer design my home / space in the 1-hour consult? 

Remember, the initial consultation is usually only an hour long! Your designer won’t be able help you re-design a room, select paint, do floor plans or help you hang art!  These are all things to look forward to in the design package after you buy design hours.