Bathroom Renovation

Update or Full Renovation

Do you deserve a fresher, newer more functional bathroom?
Whether it’s through a quick update up or a full remodel our design experts can help you with your bathroom renovation.

Renovate Or Update

A new bathroom can be luxurious, but the bathroom renovation process can be stressful. Even the smallest powder room can incur high renovation costs, particularly if you are dealing with changing the floor-plan or moving the plumbing which explains why so many people keep putting it off. Although bathrooms are traditionally small spaces compared to the rest of your home, redesigning a bathroom involves so many major design elements and tradespeople, such as tilers, cabinet makers, glazing, membranes, electrical and plumbing and our job is to design and issue documentation to pull it all together.

Improve Your Life

Before undertaking a bathroom makeover, we ask our clients to have a realistic budget in mind, thinking you can remodel a full bathroom without your budget locked down could spell disaster. Our designers ask you to think about how you function in your current bathroom, and what ways a bathroom renovation could improve your life by focusing on what you feel is missing or lacking from your current bathroom.

Figuring It Out

Once you have an idea of what you want, we help you figure out how to get there. Sometimes you don’t need an actual “renovation” as such. It might be a simple update of tiles and swapping out fixtures, new lighting, or even a new paint colour. Decisions like tearing down walls, rearranging plumbing, and adding new flooring fall under the term Renovation, which requires a strong vision, planning and documentation to submit to the builder or trades. Most of our designers estimate a timeline of between 4-12 weeks to compete a bathroom makeover or renovation, but it all depends on each decision you make and what is in stock with suppliers, and appointing trades to compete the project. Remember, bathroom renovations are very project specific.

Intuitive Design

The main key components of successful bathroom design revolve around space planning – how to utilise every square meter with a fully functioning layout, that not only looks beautiful but responds to your functional and storage needs. Vanities and sinks come in a variety of specifications and styles, from highly customisable to off-the-shelf options that include a countertop and sink. Decide what you desire here—tons of storage or a slim footprint that will keep your bathroom feeling open and airy or both. How much counter space do you require? It’s easy to overlook counter space usage but it’s something clients can regret every day if they don’t consider how important it is to their daily routine. We always ask our designers to allow for amenities, like hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, razors, curlers so they can be tucked away in a draw with power integrated.


“I booked The Stylesmiths to help me renovate my two bathrooms. From the initial concepts through to construction the entire process was seamless and collaborative. My designer pushed my ideas and my bathrooms are beyond what I expected.”

– Janice A