Kitchen Renovation

Update or Full Renovation

If renovating a kitchen was a recipe, it would be like one of those complicated recipes with too many stages and processes.
Risky but totally worth it if all goes well.

Begin Your Prep

With so many elements and functioning parts in the kitchen—it’s best to start with a plan. Don’t get too attached to ideas and materials just yet, but instead take a step back and think about the functionality that will work best for you and your family.

Before you meet your designer, ask yourself, how do you use your kitchen? What isn’t working for you? Is it the central room in the house, where people tend to gather, cook, eat, and have a yarn? Or do you like to operate in secrecy hidden away from prying eyes. Try to identify the changes in the kitchen that will help you better function on a day-to-day basis, then your designer will be able to help you identify who you are stylistically and functionally.

Let’s Get Lit

There are three main types of kitchen lighting – ambient, task, and accent. Kitchen’s generally have a blend of all three. Ambient lighting is your overhead or recessed lighting, and when it’s evenly spread, it’ll ensure that you can see each nook and cranny of the kitchen. Task lights are great for keeping you from accidentally jabbing a finger and keeping tasks well lit. Accent lights, like pendants or chandeliers, can make a statement whilst illuminating a kitchen island or work bench.

Fill Your Cabinets

One of biggest conundrums you’ll face when it comes to cabinets: open shelving or traditional closed. The key is to be honest about how organised you are. Open shelves are ideal to display beautiful dinnerware, vases, and accent pieces but it’s not so great if you’re displaying a mishmash of crockery and food packaging. Open shelving also allows for easy access to your most used pieces—meaning that those pieces will now inform your design by being on display 24/7. If you opt for closed cabinets, the colour/ timber scheme will determine your kitchen’s look.

Counter Balance

Since this is where most food prep and kitchen entertaining happens, consider how the materials you use will age over time. If you know that you’re the type of person who tends to be a sloppy cook you probably want to consider options that are non-porous and durable – your designer will have a plethora of choices for you. There has been so much innovation around bench-top finishes that mimic natural stone and concrete without the sensitivities.

However, if you prefer your finishes to age with time just like in Europe, then luxurious finishes like marble and stone will age beautifully over time.

Apply Yourself

Now for the fun stuff: the major appliances. When people refer to major appliances, they refer your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, cook top and range hood. Our designers agree that these are your most splurge-worthy items. Swoon-inducing appliances! Not every kitchen will need every appliance, of course – and in many cases there’s a lot to be said for knowing exactly what to shop for in terms of quality, standards compliance, warranty support and energy efficiency.

The cheapest appliances are rarely the best ones, of course – but the most expensive aren’t always going to suit your needs either. Our designers can help you narrow down the options based on your needs and the functionality of the kitchen.

It’s Not So Hard.

When it comes to designing a kitchen inevitably you have to pick out hardware, and these seemingly small details can literally make you lose sleep. But thankfully, we’re here to help you get a “handle” on the process. Formerly, the number one rule was matching your hardware with your appliances’ finish. But nowadays we are more progressive mixing metals and finishes.

Even matte black hardware fits in effortlessly with stainless steel appliances. Gold hardware paired with white appliances works perfectly too. Think outside of the basics, too—leather pulls and more ornate accents can add a personalised touch to your kitchen.

Bring us your big ideas and let us help you, create a kitchen, that responds to how you live.


“We hired The Stylesmiths to rework our living, dining and kitchen. Our designer unpacked our ideas and created a kitchen that not only looks beautiful, but has clever storage and features that we didn’t even know we needed. The custom joinery in the living rooms blends seamlessly with the kitchen cabinets and we can’t believe this is our home.”

– Erin and Peter G