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Travel Stylecast Cocoa Island

Cocoa Island by COMO

27 March, 2017

From the stables of fashion icon and luxury hotelier Christina Ong, Cocoa Island by COMO, Maldives, is in no way, shape or form your typical cookie-cutter island resort. With architecture by Singaporean architect Cheong Yew Kuan and interiors by Kathryn Kng, the boutique property resembles a tidy fleet of permanently…

We Have a Surprise

We Have a Surprise!

2 February, 2017

If you were following us on Instagram @thestylesmithsinspire or liking our page over on Facebook, last Wednesday you saw The Stylesmiths on set! With a film crew we ventured out to our beautiful Malvern home, styled by our very own Samantha Eades, and now we’re announcing what it’s all about!…

Calm Living Feature

The Steps You Need to Create Calm Living

1 February, 2017

Adding tradition and tranquility to your home is easier than it may seem.  Some questions you might be asking yourself is, how can I add this tradition? tranquility? comfort? spirituality? and peace to my room, home, apartment? Inviting calmness into your space is all about heightening your current living features, or…

Stylesmith Priscilla

Stylesmiths Priscilla

1 February, 2017

As we welcome the New Year, we’re celebrating all of the successful collaborations we’ve created this year! We’re also introducing our Stylesmiths edition, where we showcase what our designers predict are trending in the industry, with their best interior tips ! Meet Stylesmiths Priscilla! Stylesmith Priscilla has adopted the styling talent…

Live Outside Feature

Live Outside

1 February, 2017

Summer is right around the corner and we know it’s time to live outside! This time of year is calling for you to step outside into some sunshine, and entertain in an outdoor setting. Our director, Richard Misso was in conversation with the incredible Bridie and Prue of Sky News…

The Five Tips for Christmas Decorating

The Five Tips to Christmas Decorating

1 February, 2017

Seasoned greetings to all this very Merry Christmas! In our rustic Collingwood studio we’ve decorated our interiors with love, to celebrate the season and coming of summer! The most exciting part of this season is celebrating love and happiness over a glass of wine with family and friends – which is why…

Its an Essential Feature

It’s an Essential

1 February, 2017

It’s an essential. The mood board is an integral part of How we Work at The Stylesmiths! So what is it? A mood board is a visual representation of inspiring photos, art, plantation, colours, fashion, textures, fabrics, supplier products such as tiles, carpets, paint swatches and sometimes even food! Reflecting the…

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Kitchen Tips

27 January, 2017

If you love cooking like we do, you’ll know that different cuisines rely on different varieties of herbs, depending on which plants grow native or are cultivated in that country; for instance, basil is synonymous with Italian food, while coriander is widely used in Indian and South-east Asian dishes.