The value of a successful workplace interior cannot be overstated.

Getting To Know Your Culture

Maybe you have found a new tenancy for your commercial workplace, or you’re committed to a long lease and would like to upgrade the interior with the intent to better fit-out the tenancy to suit your business. Getting to understand your business is our first step in understanding your workplace requirements for your commercial space.

The Law Of Attraction

The value of a successful workplace interior cannot be overstated. Nowadays the workplace is where we spend most of our time. In fact, our workplace takes more of our life than our home. Just a touch of creativity in the workplace can stimulate the mind and inspire the team, not to mention attract and retain likeminded people.

How Does Your Space Work?

Before you meet your Stylesmiths designer take the time to create a little synopsis on your office/studio and try to paint a picture of the duties carried out on a daily, this will give your designer an insight into what you would like to achieve. If you have a Pinterest link upload it in the booking form.

Setting A True Budget

This is a tough one, be honest with your designer, give them your true budget that you have set aside to work on the overall project, this will set the parameters of what can be achieved. Unlike traditional design studios The Stylesmiths™ work on an hourly rate to complete the job, not as a percentage of your budget.

Maximising Opportunities

Your investment in professional interior design ensures that the interior floor planning optimises every opportunity to increase value and demonstrate a point of difference in an ever more competitive market. Our skilled retail designers combine expert knowledge across product merchandising, retail psychology and brand communication to produce dynamic interiors that react to trend, stock and target market changes.

What We Propose

Best of all The Stylesmiths™ Design Proposal provides a clear set of deliverables for your project, enabling you to check-off project progression and ensuring 100% transparency throughout the project process. It’s our mission to pass on the best price to you by giving you access to our exclusive Trade accounts. Save up to 45% of RRP for a 10% procurement fee. In most instances we are able to offer access to trade pricing for our clients, effectively neutralising our fees

Let us express your businesses vision through innovative design.