The New York Times

It’s pretty safe to say that the workplace environment you’re in can make a big difference in the work you produce. The New York Times has opened a bureau in Australia, to roll out expanded coverage across Australia and The Stylesmiths™ were enlisted to create a tranquil office setting with a “start up” edge.

Located within in an unassuming 1940’s apartment, at the core of the office design is the studio’s monochromatic pallet which is almost purist in its approach, creating a place where journalists can focus and stimulate creativity. Throughout the creative space the walls are adorned with portrait photographs that evoke emotion, taken from The New York Times Pulitzer prize winning series in 2016 on the refugee crisis around the world.

The timber floors have been whitewashed creating another layer of calm whilst the design of the kitchen interior allows for kitchen to be heart of the office. Custom cabinetry throughout allows for keepsakes to be tucked away on display.