Bundoora Office


This contemporary Bundoora, Melbourne office is a stimulating and flexible workplace, perfect for a team of fresh and innovative minds working in fashion advertising and marketing.

Matte black, tan leather, natural timber and hints of greenery make for a simple yet timeless colour palette that encourages these fashion creatives to collaboratively widen their minds and think outside the square. The dark ceiling anchors the spaces from above whilst creating warm and intimate zones that have a sense of connection throughout. Overall, this workplace interior announces itself as modern and professional, dismissing clinical vibes associated with outdated cubicle offices. Instead, functional design elements such as permanent whiteboards, moveable side tables, shelving and a communal kitchenette, adhere to the needs of a practical, welcoming office layout. 

Working zones are differentiated by seating arrangements – a long boardroom table with swivel leather chairs for formal client meetings, is contrasted by the rounded glass worktop and metal stools next door. Community spaces are oh-so-important in a creative office design to enhance teamwork and encourage new ideas. Thus, the subtle variation in not only furnishings, but materials and layout implemented, have been mindfully chosen to create a dynamic work space with a minimalist feel. 

Stylish elements add sophistication. Pendant fixtures build depth, pairing seamlessly alongside task and natural lighting. Upon entry is a recessed display shelf embedded into the concrete wall, filled with fashionable footwear. A statement piece that expresses the space’s inspiration and use. Clocks displaying the time in three of the world’s fashion capitals, London, New York and Shanghai, make for a relevant design focus straying from traditional artwork. The most unique inclusion is an ideas mobile that hangs from the ceiling, imitating a chandelier this element adds character and interest. 

Photos © Nicole England