Salon Eyre

Salon Eyre is post war clinker brick Art Deco home located within the picturesque heritage-laden garden suburb of Eaglemont, designed by the late Walter Burley Griffin. Eaglemont is known for having numerous respected artists reside there and the Heidelberg School of Art. Home to a family that adores travel and art of all kinds, the renovation of this 1920 clinker-brick Eaglemont house has given the family a place that reflects their colourful passion-filled lifestyle.

Eclectic items that symbolise memories gathered over time are showcased throughout, with two teenage sons and family dog a Labradoodle, these items are many. Together, the home is a modern take on Art Deco design, fitted with curated details that add character and interest. The project’s lead designer, Ming, was given a clear brief to create a a home that tells one story through a multitude of assorted elements, ensuring each maintains its own point of difference. As such, individualism is scattered throughout the rooms to avoid “matchy-matchy,” replacing it with a diverse mix of colours, shapes, materials, textures and eras. 

The family has an enormous sense of appreciation for each space that flows from the meticulous design, to the use and upkeep of each and every item that fills their home. Wandering into the spacious family room bathed in natural daylight and mellow hues, there is a murmur of comfort and care that follows. Coupled with the functionality of low maintenance materials that suit an organised and pet friendly household, living zones are fit for multiple purposes; catching up with family, playing music or entertaining guests.

There are subtle differences in textures, colours and shapes, the extensive material palette allowing every item to be distinct. Pillows of silk and velvet sit comfortably upon a textured bobble weave upholstered lounge, complemented by a leather armchair oozing with character and anchored by a black and white woollen Dinosaur Design rug, hand-crafted from New Zealand.The corners are filled with indoor plants, included to seamlessly invite the lush surroundings inside. Just as no two plants are the same, the metallic planter stands also vary in colour and height.

Beautiful curvaceous streets that follow the land’s natural contours, are replicated throughout the home. The original banquette booth seating in the formal lounge is a testimony to this, and has been meticulously brought back to life topped with a tan leather cushion. Other furniture takes its cue from this window seat, facing round coffee tables of glass and terrazzo. 

The formal sitting area also finds strength in bronze, providing the illusion that the furnishings come from a singular source because of their bronze legs. Vintage pieces that have been acquired during the family’s adventures now take pride of place, including the Gobi mirror from London and framed poster found in New York. The undoubtable hero, however, is the custom made Aceto rug, designed by Hare + Klein, secured through Designer rugs. Six months in the making with a splash of every colour found neighbouring it, the piece now makes the owners smile every time they walk by as it sits in their front room.

A first time experience working with a professional designer, the family says they will never go back. Knowing what you want to achieve is nothing without a helping hand to lead you along the journey. For these happy residents that meant a total update from daggy brown furnishings, to bright, detailed and welcoming spaces measured to their way of life. The only regret? They should’ve done it earlier.