A haven of calm

The clients of this inner-city house are young professionals with demanding careers and a brood of super cute fur babies, wanting to come home to a sanctuary of peace and stillness.  Preparing to start a family, they also needed to extract maximum utility from existing spaces including storage.

Designed by The Stylesmiths™, the vision for the Charles Project was all about creating a haven of calm.  A pared back interior design palette of neutrals in high quality materials resulted in spaces that are sophisticated, relaxing and still welcoming and warm.

Our clients longed for investment pieces in unique, statement furniture such as the table and chairs from Spain, and the custom designed bedhead. The upstairs study – a transitional zone – increased its value by way of the addition of a banquette seat with internal storage.  Desks were moved to the opposite side of the zone to better utilise available space and create a boundary around its perimeter, providing a private workspace.  A value-add came through effectively creating a room where a hallway had once been, through providing a comfortable nook in which to read, put on shoes, cuddle a pet or nurse a child.

The master bedroom holds a calming combination of design elements which don’t look complex at first glance but are carefully balanced in tone and texture to create just the right feel of luxurious sophistication without feeling pretentious.
In the living and dining rooms, high impact art engages with resilient, stylish furnishings.  Textured fabrics and finishes in subtle tones heighten the engagement of the senses in the master bedroom and nursery where things feel plush and welcoming.  These comforting interiors are layered with tactile elements to create a welcoming and warm energy whilst still being fresh, youthful, and modern.

A collection of art throughout the home sets the right tone in each space, whether cute, contemplative or edgy lending itself to a refined minimalist interior. The spaces are sophisticated but by no means precious; all furniture sits ready to be used without fuss or worry by all members of the household.

All images Tess Kelly Photography