Honey Boy, Hampton

Featuring a moody yet colourful atmosphere, Honey Boy brings the nightlife of Asian street markets to the streets of Hampton, Victoria. 

Inspired by the owner’s fond memories of growing up in Asia, the space offers a long passageway of seating that leads from the entrance to the bar, simulating rows of market stalls. The simple layout creates room for the heroes to shine, such as the gorgeous, tiled bar area that glistens in emerald green. Bright pink neon signage adds to this simulation of distinct and familiar Asian style, beaming out to entice passers-by in. 

Polished concrete floors, exposed ceiling pipes and metal beams are industrial design elements that form a robust market hall feel purpose built for enjoying locally sourced produce, and the company of others. High ceilings create added drama and additional space for plants with lush foliage and decorative pendant lighting to occupy. The jade green works harmoniously with the black components, providing moodiness to the venue. 

An experienced restaurateur, our client worked closely with The Stylesmiths™ designer Elvin, combining their knowledge to decisively capture Honey Boy’s offering. Considering the maintenance of smooth operation and atmosphere led to the positioning of the kitchen, hidden out of sight and ear shot to separate the clashing of pots and pans from the restaurant floor. 

Working within the long, narrow building structure is a partitioning walkway that runs parallel with the dining area, providing a clearing for workers and arriving guests. Glass panelling and large artworks of digitally altered photographs brighten the corridor. In response to the long narrow venue, singular seating options were chosen for full flexibility of arrangement styles, which traditional booth seating wouldn’t allow but is essential for a functional hospitality interior. 

Dimmable lighting creates a warm ambiance that is both parts flattering and welcoming, complimenting the customer experience as they indulge in delicious fusion Asian cuisine. In a casual eatery such as Honey Boy, the focus remains solely on the dishes; everything else is organised chaos. It was therefore essential for lead designer Elvin to choose colours, materials and lighting that only enhanced dining by remaining practical and subtle. A handful of uncomplicated finishes is all that was needed to achieve this: sleek black steel, solid oak, glass panels, polished concrete, glazed tiles and indoor greenery.