Wildgrain eatery

The years 1920 to 1931 in Paris were known as Les Années Folles or The Crazy Years. A cultural melting pot where artists from around the world immersed themselves in the thriving artistic and literary community. Capturing the essence and energy of this period in history, Wildgrain eatery is designed to feel timeless, as though it has always been there. With the enduring aesthetic of the Art Deco era and featuring objects that have or tell a story, The Stylesmiths™ created a space that aims to feel comfortable and lived in.

Placing the design in a thoroughly local context, the concept is overlaid with a palette that celebrates the Mornington Peninsula.  Shades of eucalypt green, representing the layering of green in a native bush landscape. The sandy beaches of the Peninsula coastline are beautifully represented through lime wash. Crisp whites lighten and brighten the space to create a coastal experience. The challenge in designing an all-day eatery is creating a hospitality space that feels great from breakfast to dinner. For this reason, the colours within the space were chosen to create distinct zones that would appeal at different times across the day.   

Zones near the front and rear white feature wall panelling in lime wash, these bright and open areas take advantage of the morning light. While the internal banquette zone is painted in two shades of green to create a more intimate evening experience. Lush green planting is used to tie the zones together and create views of greenery from every seat, and strategically placed mirrors bounce reflections around the elongated space, connecting the open kitchen with the dining area.