Queensland Style

This small one bedroom beach house located in tropical Queensland, fly’s in that face of stereo typical Hampton’s beach interior design style that’s Brisbane and North Queensland are know for. Opting for a more resort interior design this small footprint delivers big results. The home is just 100 square meters, and includes a living area, dining area, kitchen, one bedroom and bathroom. Responding to the warm tropical climate, the home completely opens up, allowing for the breeze to flow through the hom e. The rooftop has been designed in an almost lantern-like shape, which helps with outward circulation of hot air, and ventilation when the home is closed up for protection against the elements.

The primary design elements are shutters made out of low-maintenance native hardwoods that will age and eventually blend in with the surrounding tropical landscape. Yes takes us away!

Designed by Renato D’Ettorre Architects