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As we welcome the New Year, we’re celebrating all of the successful collaborations we’ve created this year!

We’re also introducing our Stylesmiths edition, where we showcase what our designers predict are trending in the industry, with their best interior tips !

Meet Stylesmiths Priscilla!

Stylesmith Priscilla has adopted the styling talent from a very young age, and is incredible capable with making the ordinary things extraordinary! With a true taste for staying ahead of the trends, I sat down with Priscilla to ask about how to feature pops of colour, where she finds inspiration from and delved into a trend called Tropical Lux which she see’s coming to the industry soon: below are the mood boards created by Priscilla, and fair warning, they’re amazing!

Pierce: Thank you for sitting down with me to talk about your experience in the industry, I’ve really wanted to know as you’re a designer working with clients that have set budgets, how do you make a home look impeccable on a small budget?

Priscilla: This process of budgeting begins with sourcing your suppliers goods, really finding and matching items that the clients fall in love with from a luxury item store, right across the spectrum to a mix-match of items from department stores. I also love to recycle items, re-staining, re-painting and then pairing those items again with your clients design inspirations is where it all comes together for me. Being amongst the local business, and database we have available at The Stylesmiths is also an incredible efficient way I work, and budget a project.

Pierce: Refurbishing items is an extremely effective way to successfully stay within a budget and would that be the same if you were to feature a pop of colour? How do I begin to add a colour feature to a room?

Priscilla: Paint is the biggest one, featuring a wall with the colour choice is how I like to view design, but also using artwork on a large scale can intensify and create an amazing atmosphere in a room. Textured wallpaper is trending at the moment, accessories that match your colour palette and are simple, and finally furniture can be a further design choice made to give a room life.

Pierce: How does a designer like yourself find your inspirations to be bold with colour, to mix-and-match, and to stay connected to the newest trends?

Priscilla: I find inspiration by my favourite designers on social media. Now that you’re able to so freely see what is happening in the industry, it makes it easier to stay inspired. I use Instagram a lot but I’m always, everyday, on Pinterest. It’s my little go to in the morning when I wake up, during the day showing clients what I’ve been inspired by, and even before bed! I’m also inspired by random bits of architecture when I’m walking through Melbourne City, and you of course! The Stylesmiths have been able to offer me a really unique footprint on my interior design work!

Pierce: Would you say Pinterest and using images really helps connect the story being created with a client?

Priscilla: Communication is really individual but I’d say yes. Using your mood boards and the images you have as inspirations, to show your client, has always been a way I’ve created a collaborative environment.

Pierce: Thank you Priscilla for your time, we’re so excited about the collaborative process we offer at The Stylesmiths too, with our online connection to our designers projects and suppliers, which is why we would love to finally hear about your inspirations further. This trend here is called Tropical Lux and you can really feel that from the trend, but what was the major inspiration behind this?

Priscilla: This is the Tropical Lux trend and it mostly comes from an idea I was inspired by, which follows the story of a botanical jungle in the 80’s – with focus on outdoor settings and a really tribal theme. I’m always inspired by trade shows from Milan, and I’m predicting this will be a current trend with colours, lifestyle and furnishings. Enjoy!

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