February 2018
exterior design
Literature meets house design, known as the library home in Sydney, the tale of a calligrapher handing three books to his wife, stacked randomly then onto a table is how the concept of this project all came together – all they had to say was, “we want The Books House,” and so it was.
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interior design and decoration
Welcome into the doors of the bayside suburb Port Melbourne home, where a family project is complemented by light, space and a sense of warmth in materials. Creating an environment to be loved by the whole tribe is something of awe, but when it’s emphasised within a dramatic double heightened space, a courtyard garden separating the old...
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exterior design and decorating
This Perth, Western Australia project creates a critique of it’s developing suburban context, whilst highlighting the typological narrative of the respective background of the clients, and the response to the specifics of the site itself.
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